Tile Designs and Tile Types
and our Tile Process
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Professional, spec'd by Architects, and Interior Designers
Call Toll Free 1-855-410-8797
or 416-410-8797
We manufacture customized tile designs and finishes.
Tile designs that you decide, using your color match or
photograph or image. Making your tile design different
from everybody else! Truly custom Tile Designs!
Our process utilizes an imaging process called "dye
sublimation" to produce durable, lasting, quality (we stand
by it), vibrant images.

These are not decals or adhesives, but permanent, strong
and not wearing away tiles with lasting results.

Through our unique process, the image or picture of your
favorite art work or logo, or picture, is converted into gas
and heat sunk into the tile. This is actually a blending of tile
and image in a gas state!

The image when cooled, turns back into a solid again with
permanent impregnated of tile. So your tile's image, or
new backsplash tile, has the image become 1 (one) with
the tile - they as the bible says are "no longer 2 but 1" - so
it doesn't separate making durable quality work.

Some of our work is used as signage or outdoor murals
(like art work around a tourist attraction). Or in a smaller
way, tiles used with picture and text on a grave marker.
We have an extra process to the tile, that makes it UV
protected and Graffitti protected.
(note: any graffitti/vandalism, is quickly removed with nail
polish remover).
And this Outdoor Tile, will not fade in the sun (as you've
seen many tiles do), and we give a
written 100 year
GUARANTEE to prove it!

We also manufacture 'Tempered Glass Tile', which is
often used on floors, because it has the image
underneath or on the back of the tile. When installed (by
any competent tile installer), the tile you walk on has a
image/picture - like a mural on the floor! But that image is
kept safe, because the image never gets touched, as you
are really looking at the image through the very tough and
durable Tempered Glass (which cannot even be cut, with
a ceramic diamond tipped wet-saw), its that strong!
Some, have used this Tempered Glass Tile, on the floor
of hotel or business entrance ways or Car Dealers
Showroom, since you can drive a car over it, without
problem. Very strong and durable!

Then there are the ceramics and porcelains and
'Tumbled Stone' tiles we work with daily. All of them give
a different look to your application.

Some of the tumbled stone, gives an 'old' look, so if you
have an image like cobble stone, or old wood, or an new
photo, but with black and white and old stone - it looks old!
Tile sizes come in the following:
1" x 1"
2" x 2"
4" x 4"
4 1/4" x 12"
6" x 8"
8" x 8"
12" x 12"
12" x 18"
4 inch tile, (small mural) with Glossy Finish
Tumbled Stone giving tile
design and 'old look' with
B & W Matt Finish
Huge Tile Designs - This is our 12" x 18" Tile.
(making any design for large murals and
You are actually looking at the sand (image)
through the
tempered glass floor, thus always
protecting the image. Comes 12" x 12" and 6" x 6".
Choose any image you want, this one is a
'Sandy Beach', with footprints.
Subway Tile 4 1/4" x 12"
Glass Tile
Tempered Glass Floor.
Using 12" x 12" Glass
Tile and the image
design is of an ocean
with swimming whales.
Subway Tile Design for Display on Lobby Wall
Wall Tile in pool area,
opens up the room
and makes you want
to jump in!