Specializing in creating a custom kitchen back splash
for your kitchen walls, business walls, or bathroom and
shower walls. Using any photo or picture you want.
See some of
the incredible things done...
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Disney Hong Kong Wall Ideas Pool Area
Wall Ideas
Disney Hong Kong
One of their pools.
All the ceramic work in
the pool area, done with
our wall tile and using
Disney's wall ideas!
We manufacture big wall
jobs like these, or any
smaller back splash for
your home kitchen. Or
differnt wall ideas in your
front office or shower
area. Your wall will be
customized with your

Any budget works,
because we can adjust
the tile mural size smaller
to make it more cost
More Wall Tile (ideas) these were done in Disney Hong Kong
Above you can see
Wall Tiles done with
Disney Art work and
Also large flower wall
tiles (4") in a restaurant
backsplash for Disney
Polynesian Restaurant.
"Captain Cook's"
Here are some of the
examples of the wall tile
done in a commercial

Just to show the magnitude
of what we can do.

But it can be manufactured,
as mentioned before, as
small as your shower area
or kitchen back splash.

If you have a floor or wall
that needs covering. Let us
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Wall Tile (on left) for excersize
fitness club using 2" wall tile
and city landscape.
More Wall Ideas (on right) for
restaurant bar and using 2"
wall tile and their own colors
and design.
Wholefoods Outdoor Wall
Tile using abstract art for
their wall idea.

These are specialized UV
resistant and Grafitti
resistant wall tile that are
produced for the outdoor

We manufacture tile that
can be used outside in all
weather situations and is the
only tile that can resist the
U.V. and we will give you
100 year warranty (in
writing) to prove it!
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