Kitchen Tiles like you've never seen before! We
make your kitchen tile and backsplash into a 'work
of art'. Tiled walls using any photograph or picture
or design or color you want - to make incredible
kitchen tiles for your wall and backsplash.
Kitchen Remodelling Tile Ideas
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We make any
design floor or wall
or backsplash
Great for edging wall
tile and for adding
patterns to your
backsplash or walls
in your colors and
We work with architects, designers using your favorite painting or
picture or company logo to make your backsplash or wall tile just
the way you want it!
All of our work is
guaranteed and done
to very high
We even store your tile
data file for 3 months
incase of any need for
a replacement during
Our wall tiles
(backsplash) and floor
tiles are usually
manufactured in 5 to
12 days.

We use the best colors
and best tiles for the
best results - your
Accent Tiles
Professional, spec'd by Architects, and Interior Designers
Call Toll Free 1-855-410-8797
or 416-410-8797
Also your favorite "Art Work" can be
made into tile and enlarged, while
still keeping the clarity, (that's our
little secret) and making a permanent
larger "Work of Art".
Also, not only
backsplashes, walls and
floors, we also
manufacture, tiles for
countertops, and using our
outdoor tiles for signage
and large outdoor murals.
Kitchen Tiles (backsplash of whales) takes
kitchen remodelling to new levels!
Kitchen Tiles