Specializing in creating a custom kitchen back splash
for your kitchen walls using any photo or picture you
want. And not only Backsplashes but floors, and
outdoor tile too! See what we've done...
Changing Boring Walls to...
Any Photograph You Want!
In this case a beautiful wild flower as a wall tile.
How Does It Work?

1) Take any photograph or image/picture you would like to see on your kitchen wall or
backsplash. (we also do floors, and outdoor tile too see us www.PicturedTile.com )

2) Determine the size of tile you need. Are you replacing part of your existing backsplash,
with the new? Or are you starting from scratch or doing a comlete remodelling of your
kitchen? Rest assured, we have all the popular tile sizes for your kitchen wall and
backsplash. See BackSplash Tile Sizes Here

3) Upload your photo or picture to us www.allpictured.com is the link to do it.
We take your photo and manufacture tile to exact measurements for your backsplash and
kitchen requirements.
If you were to look at the back
splash of the kitchen above
(which is a real kitchen
backsplash from one of our
happy customers). You will see
up close it looks like a real

Because it is!

Not art work, or airbrushed or
painted. But just like a real tile
with a real photograph!

Now imagine...

Any picture you want for your
wall on your kitchen

Just as durable as normal wall tile, because it is nornal wall tile.
The only difference is we manufacture a photograph on your tile and create a mural
backsplash (using any picture you want).

Our tiles have been used by Disney, by restaurants and by people like Wholefoods as well
as backsplashes and floors and shower areas in hundreds of homes around the globe!

It's quality all the way with us, and we make sure our customers are happy both residential
customers and commercial clients! And warranty all our work - it is that good!
Close Up
Original Photo
Sent To Us.
See how this blah wall is changed
by this beautiful ceramic
"Backsplash" pictured wall tile.
Disney Hong Kong Pool Area
More Wall Ideas Here.
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Call Toll Free 1-855-410-8797
or 416-410-8797
More Kitchen Ideas for
backsplashes here.
Putting Your Imagination Into Walls and Floor Tiles
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